1. The Route is king

From Day 1, this has been the race promise. Riders of the Old Mutual joBerg2c are privileged enough to ride through some of the most spectacular rural lands that South Africa has to offer. Riders traverse four provinces in nine scenically different days; From the dry grasslands and maizelands of the Free State to the spectacular descent down the Drakensberg into Kwa-Zulu Natal, back up into the mist belt of Nottingham Rd which finally navigates through the notorious Umkomaas valley to the sea; riders are ensured to have plenty of adventure ahead of them!

2. Sections of happiness

These are sections of the route which make joBerg2c spectacular and reason enough to ride. From the Vaal crossing on boats, to the highest point on Mount Paul, descending the escarpment via Great Wall My China to the historic Spioenkop Mountain, Farmer Glen’s innovative bridges and the Umkomaas Drop- this ride offers a special concoction of track creation by all three famed organisers.

3. Full – service

From the time riders embark from Heidelberg their every need is taken care of. From tented accommodation, all meals to hot showers, beers and internet to name a few, the riders are ensured that they only need pedal from village to village. There is even an N3TC supporter tour which allows spectators and riders to follow friends, upload pictures and have all race route info on hand.

4. joBerg2c The Challenge

Nine days and 900km is no walk in the park. Riders put their bodies and minds to the test in a gruelling adventure through the heart of South Africa. Arriving at the finish on the beach in Scottburgh becomes both a physical and emotional triumph.

5. Race Villages

After a tough day out in the saddle, each and every race village provides a calm environment for riders to refuel and recover for the next days ride. From homemade potjies and malva pudding to infinite variations of rusks, the food perfectly compliments the unparalleled hospitality of these locals. The race villages alone will ensure that riders keep coming back every year.

6. Community

Old Mutual joBerg2c puts its communities first. The race has successfully uplifted every community through which it has travelled. Each race village has been run by an organisation or school who has benefited dramatically before, during and after the race has passed through their area. Each seconding table along the route belongs to a different organisation who benefit well enough from the race to ensure their support every year. Riders can be proud of their contribution to making a difference through the communities they ride through.

7. Internationals

2017 had 180 international riders join in our race. From unintelligible Italians to enthusiastic Canadians to some massive teams of English including the British Army, the race has seen a myriad of nations join our riders in discovering the incredible country which the race explores.

8. The Sponsors

These guys play out of their boots every year to ensure the riders have an incredible experience. From the moment you wake up until you sleep that night, the sponsors ensure your every need is catered for. For your caffeine fix at 4.30am Seattle Coffee Co delivered over 20 000 free cups of espresso goodness. Karan Beef keep the riders beefed up; BCX and Aruba keep riders connected with wifi. Avis Van Rental and Old Mutual sported chill zones offering comfy beanbags, free cold beers and snacks everyday. Clover and Aquelle keeps the riders well-hydrated with free product. Avis Van Rental are logistical heroes by transporting rider’s bags and mattresses and working tirelessly into the night. The rider experience would be nothing without these guys.

9. FOMO (Fear of missing out)

joBerg2c is a helluva adventure; One particular team of foreigners discovered this the hard way after 1 day of racing, no experience/tyre sealant, and fifty devil thorns later. Another rider got a brake lever through his calf but managed to continue on to finish. What would a stage race be without the banter in the race villages after the long day and the homely atmosphere and vibe provided by the race organisers and their stories.

10. Life is too short not too

Just ride it. Riding your bike for nine day without a care in the world is something that needs to be experienced.