Old Mutual joBerg2c 2017 prize money

joBerg2c is now into its eight year and while for most we are tough rewarding stage ride for some who love to race we are indeed a race.

Our prize money is subject to change based on numbers in category.  It is a numbers game and we will do our best to offer objective equality based on this.

*For 2017 we will place a strong emphasis on prize money in the men’s and mixed team events – should we receive substantial interest in the women’s team event (which has not being the case) we reserve the right to make slight adjustments to the overall pool.

The 2017 prize money will be R339 000.

Prize money breakdown for 2017

Men’s Team
1st R100 000
2nd R30 000
3rd R20 000
Lanham-Love Mixed Team
1st R80 000
2nd R30 000
3rd R20 000
*Ladies Team
1st R20 000
2nd R12 000
3rd R6 000
Men solo
1st R8 000
2nd R4 000
3rd R2 000
*Ladies solo
1st R4 000
2nd R2 000
3rd R1 000

City Lodge Vets and Masters

Our Vets, and Masters sections will have prizes sponsored by City Lodge.