How do I log in to check my entry details?

If you’d like to check or change your details, log in using your ID/passport number. To change your personal details click on “Edit Details”.

What if I withdraw from the race? Will I get a refund?

  • If you are entered as a team and both riders cancel we will refund the team entry as per table below
  • If you are entered as a team and one rider cancels the other may ride as a solo and pay in the difference for solo price
  • Or the other rider may find a substitute
  • If you are entered as a solo rider and you cancel you will be refunded according to table below.

Here’s what you need to know about refund cut off dates:

If you with draw before this date: You will get the following refund:
31 December 2018 75% of the total team entry fee
28 February 2019 50% of the total team entry fee
  • Unfortunately, we can’t pay out refunds after 28 February 2019, because we have already incurred costs to have you take part in the race. If you must withdraw after that date, you must find a substitution, or forfeit your entry
  • We don’t allow “carry-over” of entries for 2020 or beyond.

How do I make a rider substitution?

  1. Log in using your ID/passport number
  2. You will see a summary screen of your team details
  3. Click the “Substitute” button
  4. Click on the “Add” button
  5. Select the person from the “Current Team Members” box whom you wish to substitute and ensure they are added to the “Members to be Substituted” box
  6. Click the “Confirm” button
  7. Enter the ID and details of the new team member
  8. A summary screen confirming that the substitution has taken place will appear – this means your substitution will be saved
  9. The cost is R500 per substitution, and you may pay by credit card or EFT
  10. If you are the Team Lead, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button to make the payment
  11. If you are the second rider, you won’t be able to pay and you will need to contact your partner to make payment
  12. You can pay immediately, or come back and pay later, but we will only confirm the substitution once we’ve received payment
  13. We’ll confirm your substitution via email
  14. Substitutions will remain open until the event starts
  15. Clothing orders are placed well in advance. Substitute riders must accept that they may receive the clothing size ordered by the original rider.

How do I change the name of our team?

Please email the new name to Lara and she will do it for you.

Can I change my clothing size?

We will accept clothing size changes until 15 January 2019

  • Log in using your ID/passport number
  • Clicking on the “Edit Products” button
  • Scrolling down to the “Free Products” section
  • Make your changes and click “Next”.