Miele Appliances puts new spin on Old Mutual joBerg2c

1 November 2016

The mountain biking tribe is made up of many smaller tribes. Some are a bit eccentric and others are… Well, to be honest, everyone is a bit eccentric in some way or another. But perhaps the most eccentric are those that purposefully choose to ride a mountain bike with just one gear.

Where the norm is anything from 12–30 gears, singlespeeders are the salmon of the mountain biking species. The upstream swimmers. The against-the-grainers…

It’s pure madness! Think most. But when you get into the mind of a singlespeeder, you discover that what’s perceived as madness, is really just two things: low tolerance for clutter and a constant yearning for purity.
What’s wrong with that? Nothing right? We all can relate to that on some level.

But here’s where things get a little, well, hard to relate to: Some singlespeeders tackle the Old Mutual joBerg2c knowing full well that they’ve issued themselves with a challenge to ride over 900km in nine days. As if that’s not enough, some of them are actually competitive and try their best to compete against their multi-geared rivals and of course each other.

Understandably, the singlespeed tribe is not in danger of overpopulation. But it is in search of recognition.
Miele, the world’s largest family-owned appliance company, identifies well with the concepts of low tolerance for clutter and a constant yearning for purity. The German company, which was established in 1899, has won numerous awards for design and technical innovation. Miele even made bicycles and motorcycles for a number of decades before shifting its focus to its specialist category, home appliances, from the 1960s.

At the 2017 Old Mutual joBerg2c, there will be a Miele Singlespeed category, which will recognise and reward the efforts of the one-gear brigade on a daily basis and in the race overall. Truth be told, even though many of us might think they’re a bit odd, we can’t help but have respect for anyone that takes on 900km of mountain biking with just one gear. It’s about time there was some proper recognition.

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