While simply entering and riding the Old Mutual joBerg2c you will be making a difference through our support of communities along the route, there is also a great opportunity to ride for one of our charities or a charity of your choice.

The Old Mutual More Than Yourself platform gives you the opportunity to raise funds for one our chosen charities:

Or you can also choose a charity of your choice from the list of many great causes.

Old Mutual and joBerg2c are determined to create a better South Africa by uplifting our most vulnerable communities. It all starts with caring enough about their struggles to do something by acting together for positive change, the More Than Yourself platform was launched in 2011 to motivate and help generous community-minded South Africans to join Old Mutual in raising funds for causes close to all our hearts.

Old Mutual takes its social responsibilities very seriously and is committed to expanding the role it plays in finding solutions to our socio-economic problems. Job creation, education and skills development are at the center of all Old Mutual Foundation initiatives and are the mandate of most of Old Mutual’s socially responsible investment funds.

You can do so in three ways: donate directly and safely to a cause, support a participating friend’s chosen cause, or become a More Thank Yourself fundraiser to support and improve communities across the country.

joBerg2c is proud to have a sponsor like Old Mutual who are committed to South Africa.