Greetings to all Old Mutual joBerg2c riders

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  • joBerg2c to remain South African
  • Entries closing soon
  • Scottburgh finish and the after party
  • Training rides
  • Sprocket and Jack – Thursday rides
  • Old Mutual – World of Endurance training program
  • Avis Van Rental – Ride-Like-A-Pro
  • International travel packages
  • Alternative accommodation options
  • Important reminders

With the Chinese taking over mountain biking events left right and centre around the world and here in South Africa, we have decided to form our own group called the Farmer Man group – as we know farmers are made of real Iron, so it is fitting that we have our own group to ensure, as usual, the fruits of our efforts, stay in South Africa. Apart from a bag or garment, which are made somewhere on the out skirts of Shanghai, the Old Mutual joBerg2c will remain a truly South African mountain biking experience with millions being put into communities who continue to host inspired South African race villages.

Not only is the Old Mutual joBerg2c one of the best ways to experience the beauty of this country, it is also a way to fully escape normal life and to connect with the people of South Africa.

We believe you have done the right thing by entering and we look forward to preparing for your journey ahead.

Entries closing soon

If you have any friends who are sitting on the fence, then let them know entries will be closing earlier than usual. We have a few spots available.Big news regarding the finish at Scottburgh.

We will now finish at the Scottburgh Primary school. We will have an all-day beer garden for family and friends and where our international riders can just chill and celebrate an awesome 9 days together. Think of the finish as our 9th chill zone. More information will be sent about this in the New Year.

We will have a relaxed after-party vibe at the school until everyone is tired on Saturday 28 April. So book your flights accordingly.

Old Mutual joBerg2c festive training rides delivered by Avis Van Rental

If you are in South Africa on the coast over the festive season take note of these training rides. They will be GPS routes:

Holla Trails – Balito KZN – 23 December

Join us for a proper ride at Holla Trails. We have put together an awesome GPS route of around 70k’s. If you want to just ride their lekker trails that’s fine too. So bring family and friends – free entry to those who RSVP.

The idea is to just come and ride and meet the joBerg2c team. Avis Van Rental will be sponsoring the post ride Beer or cold drink. Start from 5am onwards in your own time. We will send you the GPS file.

For more information and the RSVP, visit our website.

Garden Route Trail Park – 30 December

Not only has the Garden Route Trail park near Sedgefield / Knysna got some incredible trails, it also has special forests behind it – they are putting together a real training ride pre New Year so you can earn your party.
If you just want to do their trails that’s also cool – free entry to those who RSVP.

For more information and the RSVP, visit our website.

Red Barn – 27 January 27

Dom and his crew have built some incredible new trails and we will have a festive day riding hard and fun and then a beer or two afterwards. We will send out a reminder in the New Year for this one.

For more information and the RSVP, visit our website.

Sprocket and Jack Thursday Training

If you are in the Joburg area in the new year, we will be having a once a week training session from Sprocket and Jack on the Spruit (formerly the Trailhead) every Thursday evening at 5pm – Grant Usher will take the session which will include a variety of ideas in a proper session. From riding single track faster, to some special hill repeats, to that lovely burn feeling. Our promise is that it will be a better hour and a half than spinning or watt bike. You will pick up tips and information for those who have ridden the joBerg2c and other long stage rides.
Starts Thursday 11 Jan at 5pm – will ride weekly until joBerg2c.

Old Mutual World Endurance – training program

We are proud to be part of the World of Endurance. This is a great initiative aimed at bringing all Old Mutual sponsored events together to share information and get great training advice. The World of Endurance has teamed up with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa to devise a proper training program for joBerg2c riders.

There are three tailored programs to suit your level. Click here to get started – choose Cycling and then the level you want. If you are not the scientific type then just ride loads.

Avis Van Rental – Ride-Like-A-Pro

If you know any young aspiring pros who you think deserve to ride joBerg2c, get them to enter the Avis Van Rental Ride-Like-APro competition on The Hub. It is an incredible prize.

International rider travel packages

If you want pre or post support including safari option and / or a Cape Town visit then email Ellen Allardice.

joBerg2cSoweto – Ellen is also working with Busi and her crew to put on a proper MTB ride in the heart of Soweto on Wednesday 18 April. joBerg2c has done this ride many times – it is awesome. There is limited space for the ride and more space for the lunch. So if you are keen to see and experience Soweto then this is for you. Book with Ellen now.

Alternative accommodation options

Many of our race villages have some special accommodation options besides tents. These include a mix of school hostels, chalets and luxury tented camps – we will be sending out information in the new year with these options which will be first come first sleep. Watch this space.

Important Reminders

Last but not least

Happy holidays if we don’t get to see you. Enjoy your riding, the pudding and the party.
If you want more info on joBerg2c and you feel like chatting to us please email we are masters at getting spouses to get behind your joBerg2c training and other counselling.

Wappo, Farmer Glen and Farmer Gary and the joBerg2c team
The Farmer Man Group 🙂