Newsletter – Middle of the year edition – 8 August 2016

15 November 2016

Hey there, thanks a stack for entering what is probably one of the best mountain bike, 9 day, 900km (600mile) stage rides in the world (because it is probably the only one). We think you have chosen one of the best rides on the planet but that is not up to us to say – it is more about what you tell us when you are finished. We are only as good as our next event however to remind yourself of why you entered watch this if you haven’t already – joBerg2c reasons to ride # 1.

In the south of the world summer looms and in the north winter is about to rear its challenging head. Whether you are on the indoor trainer or riding trails – as long as you are turning the legs over.
The most important thing is that our website, our race office, us, we, are here for you. We want you have the time of your life on your bike come next April. If you put the right training in you will enjoy this very challenging but rewarding ride – it’s your bum – train it properly to with stand the rigours of 9 days and you will be sweet.

Have a quick read through this newsletter. It is short and concise for the growing ADHD world.

Route stuff

Our route planning has begun and once again we plan to try add more sections of single track happiness along our 900km route. We have over 250km of single track already but there is always room for a bit more here and there.
Follow us on @joberg2c_ and @properwappo for route updates and on our Facebook page.

Shuttle bookings opening soon

joBerg2c offers a number of shuttles to assist you with your logistics:

  • Coach service from the registration venue in Rosebank Johannesburg to the start at Karan Beef near Heidelberg on 21st April
  • A bike shuttle service from the registration venue in Rosebank Johannesburg to the start at Karan Beef near Heidelberg on 20th April
  • From the finish at Scottburgh to the King Shaka airport on the 29th and 30th April.
    Keep visiting our website for updates.

Bike transport from Scottburgh to Joburg and Cape Town after the event

A few companies have approached us to offer a bike shuttle service from Scottburgh back to Johannesburg and Cape Town after the event.

We do recommend the companies on our website based on their track record at many events – they are independent to joBerg2c and the agreement will be between you the rider and the company concerned. Visit our website for more information.

Camper van packages are open

These packages entitle the driver of your camper van to get into the village with the camper van, to all meals and facilities. Only registered camper vans will be allowed into the village.

Camper van packages are limited so book early. Visit our website for more information and to book.
Also remember camper vans are only available for hire through private companies like Maui and Avis Safari Rental. VERY NB – joBerg2c co-incides with another massive event in South Africa called Africa Burn. If you don’t hire your camper van soon, you will miss out.

joBerg2c recovery zone bookings

Bookings for professional massage and physio session are open – visit our website to find out more and book.

Mechanic packages

We will be listing our registered mechanic / bike shops soon. These mechanics mostly offer packages to look after your bike for 9 days. Please note they are independent to joBerg2c and the agreement is with you and the shop. Make sure they are accredited before signing up with them.

Game On International Travel – packages to make life a bit easier

Many of our overseas riders coming over to South Africa could benefit by using Game On to make their trip a little more comfortable and also to possibly stay on for a safari and other options. Visit our website or email Ryan for more information.

Early visa reminder

A note to our international riders – find out now about your visa requirements, especially if you are bringing kids over.

Training for joBerg2c

We have teamed up with Gavin Horton – a Biokinetics, specialising in mountain bike conditioning  programs, focussing on strength, power and speed. Gavin is based in Gauteng at Old Parks Sports Club, Randburg. He is also available to assist you virtually with a tailored joBerg2c training programme. Contact Gavin about one-on-one and group sessions and his virtual programmes to get your arse into gear.

Phone: +2783 307 7384

GPS info

A reminder that the Old Mutual joBerg2c is a GPS event meaning you will need a GPS that can upload and follow tracks to navigate – our website has a host of information on this. Our GPS guru Matt can also assist via email.
Spring Feva – Old Mutual joBerg2c Red Barn ride – 11 September

If you are in the Gauteng region diarise the 11 September for a joBerg2c Spring Feva ride at the Red Barn.
All joBerg2c paid up riders will get a free entry and beer on us – we will have a talk about the event and just some good vibes. If you have mates on the fence bring them with.

We will send out another reminder with more info but in the meantime please RSVP to
We have teamed up with a few bike parks to create joBerg2c playgrounds. We will be having a few rides in the build up to the event at these bike parks around the country.

That’s for now. See you on the trails.

The Old Mutual joBerg2c crew