Newsletter – Spring fever – 6 September

Close your eyes… no you can’t do that because then you won’t be able to read this. Okay so read this, then close your eyes and visualise what you will be doing for 9 days next April or what you could be doing next April…
If you are not into warm and fuzzy copy and visualisation, then just take a short-cut by watching these two short clips (if you have not already) to get the Old Mutual joBerg2c vibe:

Reasons to Ride #1 Single Track
Reasons to Ride #2 The Gees (Spirit)

It’s early morning on the Karan Beef farm – the air is cool for some and flippin cold for others – the sun is coming up and your nerves are saying howzit! Old Mutual joBerg2c is happening – Day 1 your legs will pedal every kilometre – it is the flattest day – a neutral day where everyone one gets the same time – it is a rude awakening to the fact that joBerg2c is a tough rewarding endurance ride – it is not just a ride in the park. You smell cow dung, you see millions of mielies (corn on the cob), you taste the boerewors (South African sausage) at our incredible water points – you cross the mighty Vaal river from one province to the next – you get to Frankfort tired but inspired. The people of Frankfort blow you away with their true South African hospitality and the Karan Beef steaks are braaied (barbecued) to perfection (we have delicious food for veggies too). Next day you wake up shivering your bits off but warmed to the core by your first cup of proper Seattle Coffee and a breakfast to keep you fuelled to the max.

Day 2 – the racing for some begins and the ride for most continue… more single track, more mielies, more great water points and the space and landscape of the Eastern Free State. Those riders coming from mountains of Europe will appreciate the vast open space. As you get to village number 2 in Reitz, the smell of Lamb on the spit will get your taste buds bouncing before dinner along with an ice cold Craft beer. 8 days to go…
We will leave it there for now – you get the picture – this is more than a bike ride it is a journey, an experience to savour – hosted by incredible people of South Africa – it is the Off–Road Show of this great country.
All you need to do is train to enjoy it. It is not easy – nothing great in life comes easy – but the rewards of getting your bums into condition to endure 100km off road every day for 9 days will far outweigh any suffering.

Spring Feva  Ride at the Red Barn

We wish we could get to meet you all somewhere on the trails – but we can at least get to meet some of you at our joberg2c Red Barn ride on Sunday 11 September – if you are keen to join please RSVP to to confirm – all 2017 joBerg2c riders will get FREE ENTRANCE.
The ride will be about getting to know more about joBerg2c – the Red Barn has awesome single track – Dom the owner has ridden joBerg2c and he is passionate about lekker trails and good vibes.

Mechanics Packages

We have finalised our approved mechanics for the event – you will see a list of these mechanics and you can book packages through them. You can also do walk-ins on the event if you are handy with your own bike. The nice thing about a package is that you can just handover the bike and go for a beer.

Please note that only the mechanics / shops listed will be at the event.
Some shops (maybe your own) will sell packages thinking there is space – unfortunately we are now fully booked when it comes to shops so please make sure you choose one that is listed.

We would like to emphasise that the relationship is between bike owner and bike shop only.

Click here for the full list.

Shuttle bookings

There are a few shuttles which you may and probably will need to book:

  • Bike shuttle from Kingsmead College to Karan Beef start – 20 April
  • Shuttle for yourself from Rosebank Johannesburg to the start at Karan Beef – 21 April
  • Shuttle for yourself from Scottburgh to King Shaka Airport at the finish on 20 April or 30 April.

Please visit the website here for information and to book.

Massage and Physio – Recovery Zone

If you haven’t booked your massage or physio go for it here.

Training for the Old Mutual joBerg2c

There is training and then there is training. Either way contact Gavin Horton for tailored program to get you fit:

Training to enjoy joBerg2c
Ride your bike a lot – learn to ride faster so you can klap the k munching dirt road sections – enjoy every ride – don’t panic – make sure your bum is used to the saddle – just ride – however one or two sessions with an expert can make a huge difference to getting more efficient and stronger.

Training to race joBerg2c
Different story altogether – if you know what works for you great if you need some support email Gavin Horton or any other reputable trainer to see you can improve your strength. Most serious riders are fit – it is the power they need to go up a level and to sustain that power. This is the territory for professional advice and monitoring.

Okey dokes folks – see you on the trails and or at one of the many great events around the country. If you are heading into winter hang in there… much to look forward to next year.

The Old Mutual joBerg2c crew