Mountain bike fever is in the air. 900k’s of rural South Africa awaits. Having just completed the very wet dry run we can say that the Old Mutual joBerg2c is not a ride in the park. If you have trained you will enjoy the experience. It is a tough but rewarding ride that aims to uplift you and not break you. But if your bums are not conditioned then you will be miserable and if they are, then you will be happy. So basically it is in your hands.

This is another very very important newsletter

  • GPS
  • Training ride – Bielie Mielie – 25 March
  • Training ride – Thaba Trails training 1/2 April
  • Pyga bike back-up
  • N3TC Supporter Tour
  • Ride For More Than Yourself
  • Alternative accommodation options on route
  • Subtle reminders

Old Mutual joBerg2c and GPS

As you should all know by now the Old Mutual joBerg2c uses GPS navigation. Which means that you need to have a GPS device that can follow a bread crumb trail. More information can be found on our website here.

You cannot use your smartphone for this due to the battery life and the screen time out.

Please contact Matt our GPS guru if you have any queries regarding GPS units etc.

Training rides

There are some great rides coming up for those in the area, where you can test your GPS and legs:

Bielie Mielie – 25 March – great chance to ride 100ks and test your GPS  skills – enter here or enter on the day at Reitz

Thaba Trails south of Joburg 1 and 2 April – RSVP for more info check out our Facebook page here.

Pyga to provide bike back-up support

If you have major bike mechanical on route (not a puncture), Pyga will try to get a bike to you so you can finish the stage – the emphasis will always be on try as they cannot guarantee this due to the nature of the course. This Pyga support is invaluable in helping us ensure our riders have a proper ride from city to coast. We will tell you more about this during the event.

Naturally this will not apply to the racing snakes competing for prizes. These riders have to adhere to the UCI rules.

Pyga have launched their new bikes. They have also teamed up with International Trade to bring you the complete bike for joBerg2c. For more information email

Having ridden the ‘Stage’ on the dry run we can truly vouch for these bikes.

International Trade (Hope, WTB, KS drop seats) will sponsor our mechanic at Water Point 2 each day.

N3TC Supporter Tour

The only way for supporters to truly be part of the event is to join the N3TC supporter tour. For more information click here.

Supporters cannot be on the rider route for obvious reasons. We are very strict about this and any supporter who rides on the route will jeopardize their riders through disqualification.

We cannot have vehicles interfering with our rider experience. We highly recommend that all supporters join the supporter tour. N3TC make sure you get to strategic points on the route. You get some lekker food and you will share the vibe of the Old Mutual joBerg2c.

Ride For More Than Yourself

The Old Mutual joBerg2c supports three incredible initiatives. We are associated with the Nelson Mandela Library Project, Surgeons for Little Lives and the Haven Childrens Home. You will get to know all of these incredible people over the 9 days. If you would like to find out more before the event and even to ride for one of these remarkable causes visit our website here.

Alternative accommodation options on route

We have a few spots open for alternative accommodation if you feel like a break from tents:

  • Frankfort Skool (Day 1) – hostel accommodation right next to the race village R200 per person sharing – contact Marise on 0828506252 or 058-8131010 or
  • Reitz Skool (Day 2) – hostel accommodation 2km’s from the race village R280 per person sharing. The school will also have a shuttle service available which will be travelling to and from the Race Village every 40 mins on the Saturday and more frequently on the Sunday morning. Contact Rika on
  • Em’Seni Kingfisher Camp (Day 4) – upgraded canvas tents which have full linen and proper beds for additional comfort – email

And last but not least a Subtle Shuttle reminder and also a reminder to book anything you need to book to make your journey a little more pleasant.

Until next newsletter keep the rubber side up and train smart – see you all soon.

The Old Mutual joBerg2c crew