Old Mutual joBerg2c – Final Countdown!

This is almost your last newsletter before the final GPS newsletter that will be sent out on Friday. These last newsletters are extremely important as research has shown riders only read the newsletter closest to the event when panic sets in.

In this very important newsletter… if you cannot read it because of ADHD get your PA to read it. Or your kids. Or your bike shop. But make sure someone reads it to you. It is long so read it in parts if need be. You will be quizzed at registration on this newsletter. You will be asked three basic questions and if you don’t answer them you will be asked to go home… just kidding this is not the epic.

  • The Subaru Strip Zone weather report
  • Going Green with Wasteplan
  • Old Mutual Insure (SA riders only)
  • World Of Endurance
  • CSA
  • Registration and Race Briefing – Sprocket & Jack
  • Daily Highlights – watch
  • joBerg2c house rules – No sweets, Credit card at all times etc.
  • GPS routes – coming on Friday 13 April
  • Old Mutual Wealth Appy Snappy competition – Win a PYGA bike
  • Day 9 – Old Mutual Wealth ‘Champagne’ stage – Green Day
  • Amped charging units – so much to look forward to
  • Last minute reminders

Subaru weather report

It is fitting that the world’s best, all-wheel drive, all-weather drive, vehicle manufacturer, Subaru, brings you the weather report. Subaru will be at water point 1 each day with the Subaru Strip Zone so that you can hand in your warm early morning gear, as it warms up.

For those of you who don’t know the mornings on joBerg2c can be freezing, literally, and the day can then warm up to 20 degrees Celsius and more. These extreme temps mean you need arm warmers and riding jackets etc. which you can then give to Subaru who will put in a specific numbered bag for you.

As organisers we try not to forecast the weather but as a rider you will naturally want to know more…..for the Subaru long term forecast for most of our route check out www.accuweather.com and just put the town name in.

Green Greener Greenest with WastePlan

In the previous newsletter we mentioned that WastePlan were on board to help make our event greener. We cannot say we are green yet but we are aspiring to be green.

Here are some pointers from WastePlan

Wasteplan1 Old Mutual joBerg2c   Final Countdown! Wasteplan2a Old Mutual joBerg2c   Final Countdown!

Old Mutual Insure – Bike insurance (South African riders only)

Old Mutual Insure will be once again sponsoring bike insurance for during the event only – this is for South African riders only. There are naturally a few terms and conditions. To find out more click here.

This is a wonderful gesture from the short term insurance folks at Old Mutual Insure.

World Of Endurance

WOETop 1 Old Mutual joBerg2c   Final Countdown!






The World of Endurance brought to you by Old Mutual, offers South African endurance athletes a platform to get expert advice, training guides and information about some of the country’s most elite endurance events. You’ll find video’s, podcasts and articles from leading endurance experts covering topics like nutrition, training, recovering from injury, gear and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Become part of this ever-expanding online community and get great advice that will help you go the distance, reach your goals and accomplish the impossible! World of Endurance is Old Mutual’s space to connect with people who are passionate about going the distance.

CSA (Cycling South Africa) Licenses

International riders do not need a CSA license – South African riders do. We work closely with KZN cycling who are affiliated to CSA and so we support this initiative because KZN are doing great work. You can either take out a permanent license for the year or you can take out a temp daily license for the event. It pays to go long term. Many of you wonder about this, however we are going to try work closely with CSA (KZN) to ensure the future of cycling gets better and better.

Race registration and race briefing

Registration is at Kingsmead College on Thursday 19th April from 10am to 6pm and 7pm to 8pm

Race briefing is at 6pm and is compulsory for all riders. This is where you get the vibe and detail of what to expect for the week ahead.

All details are can be found here.

Sprocket & Jack, one of our registered bike shops will be at registration for any last minute needs.

Subscribe for daily highlights and photos

If you would like your friends and family to receive all our daily highlights, photos and reports please ask them to subscribe to our newsletter and they will be sent these daily links to keep in touch with your ride. Subscribe at the bottom of the page on our website.

Some very important joBerg2c house rules (in addition to CSA/UCI rules)

  • No sweets policy – please do not offer sweets or anything to people on our route. This has been agreed with tribal and local leaders. It is tempting and you will be hear “sweets sweets sweets” but if you give, this only creates the wrong culture
  • Credit Card at all times – please make sure you carry your credit card with you at all times. If you do not have your credit card and you need to be taken to hospital they will not admit you
  • Tubeless tyres – tubeless tyres are not negotiable – especially for our international riders – make sure you put decent amounts of fresh sealant in too. Sealant older than two months is generally ineffectual. If you need assistance with tubeless conversions our mechanics at Sprocket & Jack at registration can assist you
  • Race villages – our race villages and water points are run by moms, dads, teachers and farmers – if you have any issues please come to us first and we can solve anything. We also have a no noise policy from 9pm onwards
  • Gel packets – we hate gel packets and energy bar packets as they annoy landowners beyond belief – if you have to carry them make sure you put the empty back in your pocket carefully. Please note anyone found throwing these packets or any other litter on our route will face immediate disqualification.

GPS routes

Coming soon to a GPS near you!!!! Easybike crew have been working feverishly to ensure your routes are sorted. Visit their website to pick up a GPS unit fully loaded with joBerg2c routes at a special price.

Old Mutual Wealth – Appy Snappy

Every year have an awesome daily competition for the best rider pics which you can upload to our Facebook or Instagram pages. The best pics received will go into daily draws… everyone who enters will stand a chance to win a Pyga Bike. You will need to tag your photo with one of the following: #joBerg2c / @joberg2c_ / @OldMutualSA.

Please remember to bring a spare phone if you are travelling from overseas as this will make getting a data card simple for those villages without Wi-Fi.

Day 9 – Old Mutual Wealth ‘Champagne’ stage – Green Day

We want everyone to dress up in something GREEN for a laugh. Let’s celebrate mountain biking across South Africa with some style even if it is a bit of a dodgy style.

Amped charging units – so much to look forward to

All riders will receive an Amped powerbank charging unit from joBerg2c. These charging units will charge your cellphones and GPS units throughout the event. Only these units will be charged at the Amped charging station – we will not charge cellphones or GPS units. Remember to bring your specific charging cables with you.

Your last minute reminder list

Okay so with just over a week to go please don’t try to do any massive gap jumps or downhill courses. Keep it simple – no training now will make you fitter. Rather come in fresh and ride yourself fit – this worked for Farmer Glen and Gary at the Cape Epic – they decided to ride two days before the event and they rode themselves fit and tamed the untamed with ease. joBerg2c, as tough as it is, will not be out to break you, but rather to uplift. See you soon.

The Old Mutual joBerg2c Team