All teams and individuals will be categorised according to age. The category is determined by the youngest member of the team:

Category Min. age Max. age
Mens team 19 39
Womens team 19 39
Mixed team 19 99
Vets mens / women team 40 49
Masters mens / women team 50 99
Solo mens / women 19 99

The Tandem Category

The Old Mutual joBerg2c is perfect for tandems. We have even had a team with a blind member Douglas Sidialo, on the back and they managed to get through. So with this in mind, there will be a tandem category if we get enough tandems. Three tandem teams constitutes a race.

TREAD Buffalo category

The TREAD Buffalo category is a weight division for South African mountain biking! Riders need to weigh at least 90kgs in order to qualify. Therefore the minimum weight for a team is 180kgs. To register for this fun category go to the Tread Buffalo website. It is based on an honesty system and you will only be weighed at the finish on Day 9.