If you wish to race the Old Mutual joBerg2c in 2018 you will need to enter as a team.

The Solo category will be an official category but there will no prize money allocated to it.

The category is determined by the youngest member of the team:

Category Min. age Max. age
Mens team 19 39
Womens team 19 39
Mixed team 19 99
Vets mens / women team 40 49
Masters mens / women team 50 99

The Tandem Category

The Old Mutual joBerg2c is perfect for tandems. We have even had a team with a blind member Douglas Sidialo, on the back and they managed to get through. So with this in mind, there will be a tandem category if we get enough tandems. Three tandem teams constitutes a race.

Buffalo category

The Buffalo category is a weight division for South African mountain biking! Riders need to weigh at least 90kgs in order to qualify. Therefore the minimum weight for a team is 180kgs. To register for this fun category go to the Buffalo website.