Get fit for joBerg2c with Coach Gavin

Get your own personal coach to guide you through the training for joBerg2c. The training program will include the following aspects:

  • Personalised training program – rider programs will be designed according to the rider specific needs and will take into consideration factors such as available time, personal goals and ability
  • Multi-dimensional program – riders will get a program that focusses not just on riding but on strength, power and endurance
  • Weekly feedback – riders will be in contact with their coach weekly to get feedback on the previous weeks training, which allows for program adjustments where the need may arise
  • Flexible program – riders will get a program that is flexible and accommodates illness, injury and unexpected breaks in training
  • Recommended routes – riders will be advised on recommended race specific training routes in their area
  • General tips – riders will get advice on topics such as nutrition, recovery and injury prevention, bike maintenance and on-the trail repairs.

Program cost
R700 per 4 week block

Optional extras

1. Rider assessment (R950)

  • Gym based strength assessment
  • Power bike assessment
  • Outdoor ride assessment

2. Supervised sessions

  • Gym based strength sessions (R250)
  • Power bike sessions (R120)

While Coach Gavin is based in Johannesburg his knowledge and tailored programme with regular skype/email correspondence could be invaluable if you are a little uncertain about being in shape for the event.

Email Coach Gavin on