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In 2004, Glen Haw and his wife Mandy started Sani2c. Their philosophy was simple: provide a great route, treat every one of the competitors with a special farmer’s touch and everything should follow. The Berg & Bush is another great stage race founded by Gary and Nicky Green. The couple are also farmers at heart with a passion for mountain biking.

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It may have been on a ride, in the bar after a hard ride, or when they were discussing the milk price – but one day in passing, Glen suggested to Gary that they combine their expertise and logistical knowledge to create joBerg2c. Being the type of guy he is, Gary didn’t hesitate. The result is a nine-day stage race that will be affordable for all passionate and fit mountain bikers.

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Being farmers and slightly nervous of the big city, they then invited Craig Wapnick, himself a passionate mountain biker and an ex-advertising guy, to join the team. Craig manages and co-ordinates the event, with assistance from both couples. In addition to arranging the route from Johannesburg to Sterkfontein Dam, Craig also liaises with sponsors and media.

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