Bookings are open

Camper vans are only available for hire through private companies like Maui and Avis Safari Rental. You will need to arrange your own driver. In addition, your supporter/s (which includes your driver) will need to buy a camper van package:

  • A camper van package will include rental space at each race village and access for one person (the driver) into the race village for meals and to use the facilities
  • Additional supporters staying in the camper van MUST buy a supporter package. This includes access to the race village and its facilities plus 3 meals a day. Remember to book your supporters onto the N3TC Supporter tour. More information can be found here.

For directions to all the race villages – click here.

Camper vans will be allocated a space in each race village. Camper vans need to be totally self-sufficient i.e. own silent generator.

Contact if you require one of our crew to drive your camper van for you.

Bookings are open

Please note: The campsite on Day 8, is 5km away. We will ensure there are enough shuttles and sufficient security for the campsite area.