It seems sad that in a sport so free-spirited that we have to have rules. But when you think about it, these rules are mainly created for your own safety and enjoyment. For those who are serious racers, these rules also provide the parameters in which riders must race to avoid penalties and punch-ups.

Big new rule:

From 1 Jan 2016 riders caught for doping and convicted will face a lifetime ban from joBerg2c with no exceptions – riders who were banned before this date will be able to ride as we cannot undo the hazy past but we can try be part of a clean future.

As from 1 January 2017, any rider who has been convicted for doping prior to 1 January 2016 will be allowed to ride joBerg2c but he or she will no longer able to race the event. He or she will not allowed to podium or ride upfront among the racers. This rule will enable those with a history to ride for the love of riding only and it will ensure the event avoids any negative publicity.

For the non-racing types, they will give you an indication of what it is like to c without having to compete.

There are two rules we are strongly in favour of: all riders sticking together at all times as partners and carrying your full list of supplies (see 7. Obligatory Equipment on the full list of rules).

Over the years many stronger partners will leave their weaker partners along the way. This is not the spirit of riding stage races and we will not let those riders back into the event if this is the case… and riders stuck in the middle of South Africa without the right repair equipment may have a very long day.

Unwritten Rules of single track 

The Old Mutual joBerg2c has some awesome sections of single track along the way. The ride of way principal applies to single track and any challenging sections.

Ride of Way – this is a very simple concept that should apply to all fair mountain bikers all over the planet: if you are walking on a section because it is too technical or you are too tired you must give way to those riding. 

If you are behind someone pushing simply ask for ride of way.

Give Way – if there is a faster rider behind you try to find a safe place to let him or her pass you. If you are man and she is a woman try not to put your pump in her spokes because she is quicker than you.

If you are behind a slower rider try to ask them nicely to let you pass but don’t make them panic and fall. We are all here for a good time. Keep it nice and chilled and nobody will get hurt. Not even egos.

Mountain Bike events are conducted in the spirit of self-contained, self-reliant back-country cycling. Riders participate in the Old Mutual joBerg2c with an understanding and acceptance of this ethos.

To view the full list of rules, click here.