We’re excited to be bringing you kilometres of training trail and litres of beer around the country with our friends at Avis Van Rental and Isuzu

We have three monster climbs that are unusually steep, that many riders walk up. We have long gravel road sections that many riders go too slow on and we have awesome single track that many riders brake on. Our aim is to help you get fitter, a little faster and a little more skilled for fun. No other reason.

So, how do you prepare for climbing a hill like Gumtree? You find an impossible hill in your area that can’t normally get up and then you try and try… until you can.

The moral of the story is your need to train to enjoy joBerg2c.

Over the next few months, we will have some fun trying to inspire you to ride Iconic and Gumtree without putting a foot down.

joBerg2c training ride dates

Some training rides with the organisers to keep in mind:

  • joBerg2cCapeTown – Table Mountain, Cape Town – 9 February 2019

Table Mountain Bikers have put together a proper round-the-mountain route on GPS for us to circumnavigate this natural wonder of the world. We will throw in a climbing test or two to simulate Gumtree (day6) and Iconic Climbs (day8) just for fun.

It will start at 7am at Seattle Coffee Foreshore, and end in the same place.

  • Bielie Mielie – Reitz, Free State – 15 – 17 March 2019

For all our SA riders, joberg2c highly recommends the Bielie Mielie weekend for some proper training.
Venue: Showgrounds Reitz Free State

This year they have a 3-day option (you can choose 1, 2 or 3 days). Make a weekend of it!

Click here to RSVP

Power hour at Sprocket and Jack

Throughout the summer we will have a power hour every Wednesday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm – you will do intervals, learn to ride single track faster, get bike tips, learn to climb near impossible climbs. And generally just get stronger without even noticing it. You will meet other joBerg2c riders and other riders who just feel the need to do a watt bike session in real life conditions.

Every Wednesday Grant will put up suggested training ideas on the blackboard at Sprocket and Jack. You can do it in groups or even alone in your own time. These sessions are designed to up your game in a fun way. There will even be few Bloc beers afterwards.

Sprocket and Jack is just off Conrad drive in Randburg on the Spruit.

We encourage you to set up your own local mid-week training groups in your own area if you cannot make it to Sprocket and Jack.

Please note all riders welcome – so friends who are not riding joBerg2c are encouraged to join these sessions.